The rulers of Belgar are mysterious, and seldom seen. They live in the innumerable caverns within the Coral Mountains, a range given its name for its porous rock.

The Blind Ones are said to be incredibly wise, and have been guiding Belgar’s destiny for time immemorial. They lead the kingdom remotely, delegating a large part of the day-to-day (decade-to-decade) administration to the dwarven rulers in Bellshine, a city-state in the shadow of the Coral Mountains.

Belgar itself is a land of uneven terrain, with rocky coastal areas on the borders and hills and mountains further inland. This geography has resulted in pockets of dense populaces interspersed in large areas of sparse civilization. None of the races are permitted to settle in the Coral Mountains, but mining is allowed in certain areas. Individuals seeking knowledge and positions of leadership can attempt to ascend the Glowing Steppes and petition to the Blind Ones. Few return, but those that do quickly take positions of power & authority.

The Blind Ones do not often interfere in the politics of the kingdom. Disagreements and even small wars have occurred without any encouragement or disapproval from Belgar’s unseen rulers. Despite this permissiveness, the Blind Ones are associated with stability and prosperity.

Belgar has stood alone for as far back as sages can trace, a self-contained group of societies. No visitors have arrived on its shore in centuries, and not gods nor demons are considered anything more than a myth. But in recent years rare individuals have begun hearing strange voices from stranger beings, and granted abilities unknown to Belgar.

The dwarves give birth to Belgar’s most formidable magic-users, and benefit immensely from exclusive rights to limited mining in the Coral Mountains. Bellshine has long been the most influential society on Belgar, and in fact serves as its de facto central government. But the last few decades has seen the rise of many leaders in the land who seek autonomy. The city-state is currently facing a food shortage as shipments from Elkor have failed to arrive.


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